Hi, we're Lawrence and Matt, two creatives who work at Wieden+Kennedy. We've worked together for a long time and have made a lot of things. Like P&G's big "Thank You, Mom" commercial for the Rio Olympics. And this Old Spice commercial where two men swap bodies. And these other weird commercials and things for Old Spice. Recently we made the first-ever Jordan campaign for high school basketball players, talked some shit in this Jordan ad featuring Russell Westbrook and painted an 80-foot mural in honor of Derek Jeter for Jordan. Before that, we brought back Maxwell House and its iconic tagline, resurrected Colonel Sanders on the 75th Anniversary of Kentucky Fried Chicken, hosted a live Twitter event for Nike to celebrate Abby Wambach's retirement, made this New York Times ad about Carmelo Anthony's gold medals for Jordan, created a visual art piece for rapper Vince Staples, designed these jackets for the Jordan team at W+K NY, overhauled the entire Crunch Fitness brand, made films for a novelty company called BlueQ that sell you things based on your sexual preference, developed a bunch of products for BlueQ, launched NBC's local websites and ruined people's relationships in a campaign for HBO GO. You can find our resume and contact info here.